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About Us

About Us

In need of cost-effective, long-lasting, environmentally-conscious lighting solutions? Then look no further than Avcom Electronics, Australia’s premier supplier of LED lighting technologies, products, and services.
Here at Avcom, we work to meet the lighting needs of customers from all sectors, serving a multitude of needs that include:

  • Corporate settings
  • Government offices and projects
  • Educational environments
  • Sporting events
  • And much more!

With over twenty years of industry experience, Avcom is a local business with a positive global impact. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Avcom has spent decades researching the best LED lighting solutions for our Australian and international customers. We firmly believe that being up-to-date on the latest LED lighting technologies should never be our customer’s responsibility. That’s what the experts at Avcom are here for!

Our team of professional qualified electronics technicians work around the clock to provide LED lighting solutions to our customers while recognizing the key values of:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Low Cost
  • Visibile Superiority
  • Longetivity

We have worked since 1994 to provide superior LED lighting products and services to customers in Geelong, Australia and around the world. As a sell-only LED lighting distributor, we are committed to providing the highest quality products for the lowest possible cost, guaranteeing a superior service experience.

We know that replacing lights and upgrading lighting equipment can be a pain. That’s why we only distribute high quality, long lasting, visibly superior products along with our signature Geelong friendliness.

For more information on our low impact, high visibility lighting solutions, contact Avcom today! Our professional qualified electronics technicians will answer all of your questions about our elite lighting products and services.

  • To complement our already competitive LED lighting prices, government subsidies may be available under Renewable Energy Target Schemes in your state.